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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 20, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: fled to the right to the weather >>anny hong: mid to upper seven is for the bourse flotation to they will see lower '80s here is
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a live look at the bay bridge de estrada off of clear skies pretty much all across the bay area to to the pretty mild out silo's 6 is an open right now and by lunchtime will be the '70s and then by 4:00 p.m. will hit a high of 80 degrees this afternoon looking for a percentage by endicott to buy should be a very nice and sunny ride home temperatures right now where looking a lot of fifties and sixties at this hour. >>anny hong: 4 south of france mid-50s in sunnyvale 54 in san jose here was look at this feature cast at 9:00 this morning all of us in the '60s were under plenty of sunshine by lunchtime was to temperatures if into the seven is a few spots including santa rosa potentially in the lower 80s today by 3:00 this afternoon a lot of us will
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reach the high today will see a few more and more 80 degree readings in the grady in the kit about orange. >>anny hong: temperatures are going to be really comfortable warming up quite nicely low 80s and antioch and the more today 83 concord 75 in downtown san francisco low 80s in sunnyvale pushing close to '80s and san jose as well for 85 in napa 84 in santa rosa we come back was to look for at your east bay high including the east bay shore and write down the inland highs as well for a quick check of your traffic alert tuesday morning this is an accident on route 380 eastbound stuff the
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golden gate bridge very quiet on 101 they're not attractive to those of you had in south about low one from the richmond san rafael bridge also very quiet so far of the tuesday morning is a great time to leave the house. >>james: ever when diagnosed with the infection the restaurant last friday and saturday miller all the reported
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cases required hospital admission and 11 people would send our intensive care the infection causes diarrhea of the law pain and fever is to be spread by evil food prepared by infected food handler or by direct person to person contact and continues to rattle portions of the valley and back to nearly 50 quakes to be felt throughout the day yesterday it's warmed up in the started last week's and sell we started to hundred quakes hit near or exactly in san ramon large force of the bay area could feel the effects of two consecutive 3.5 magnitude quake suggested that there were so by people in sunnyvale the most recent storm of quakes ought to raise concerns all residents. >>: all of them concerning but
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when there was a swarm like this your ticket with the grand soap live in california this assault alarming to some may say this forms a somewhat typical in that part of the bay area of. >>grant lodes: more than 200 earthquakes in the past week about 50 in the past and for hours one of the biggest a magnitude 3.5 jolt this afternoon and a temple is
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picking up between 6:00 a.m. and noon there were nine separate quakes from noon to 6:00 tonight 27 >>james: we concede these pictures here what it looked like a called a motor vehicle crash and its support says parts of the change in fans and some unidentified debris fell on police shut down the flames and rush-hour traffic incident out is the and the investigation still no word led that debris falling will let you know as an investigation develops a gun was stolen from a car of law enforcement office and san francisco it was taken from the off-duty officers car which was parked on a in howard and san francisco.
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>>reporter: the signs of broken glass can be found on the corner of eighth and howard the officer reported he was gone from his car 20 minutes and came back to find a window smashed in his backpack was loaded gun inside gone people who live and is part said they seemed plenty of car break-ins here before because the chp officer was not
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working and it is not a department within the chp will investigate to see if the officer violated any policies san francisco police. >>james: the man and berkeley attempted to get a teenage drug to his van this is done in that three girls were forced by a man of college avenue office said the men tried to lure the girl and his band but they ran away those rural described the suspect as latino male friend in the late 20's with dark hair done in dark green or possibly blue minivans a man with a
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similar description to to get to drive sedan last month that is what is said she heard about recently in the last the attempted kidnapping in the bay area continues to rise stuff that is what the real mayhem carter's still had new follows
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are surfacing of lamar at the nevada will have the lead of the of his condition as well + what a new study has to say about pregnant women and drinking patterns are calling a teacher and antioch a hero this morning will to you she did what her instincts took over the san mateo bridge this one a were traffic is moving out of 53 degrees were off to call starred should what nicely this afternoon 78 expected high near stanford and powell will be right back. ature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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>>james: let's get the update on what we can expect later on this
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morning. >>anny hong: clear conditions here temperatures are cool out there when speeds right now fairly light if not, but the winds could pickup in the north that come this afternoon look for gusty conditions shut the fire was the watch is no wonder in fact has been cast by the national weather service temperatures if you're walking up and getting out the door this one we're looking at a lot of sixties and fifties asked for an san jose 65 and an attack the mild spot at mid fifties livermore schiff for 83 impact
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to bird fog will back off a little bit on the temperatures but still a lot of us will be well above average for thursday headed into the weekend as well until sunshine over the next several days off the to do a quick check of the drive thai lawyer tuesday morning and for 14th from hercules area to berkeley on interstate 80 the wanted to about 15 minutes the usual around this time this morning in a letter to slowdown's antioch to come could ride on highway 4 still sick about 15 minutes short such tsk.
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>>james: and escalating situation was when to passengers called the capt. to say this emergency turned a lot flew back to lax and led police on board sh is all of the worst nightmare for many parents as what would woman feared assistant to and a little girl and the child's potential kidnapper.
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>>reporter: she is a teacher's aide in office help for the trend lay on the weekends off and a certified nurse's assistant she makes the same drive every morning don g street passage of the cellular girl but friday followed her intuition she went back to check on the girl who was not in the car with a stranger for that and she knew something was not offer it was wrong she waited with the little girl and the man until police
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arrived and they got their cops arrested the 51 year-old now he is facing kidnapping charges says it is now coming in from all over the country even if she is humble our principle is bursting with pride tisch >>james: this is a look now at the career progress within the neb to do so far they've already fixed a broken water main belowground they filled it was said part of the new haven
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street there ought a lot of the school remains close until the work is finished able to work in the success in xhosas last wednesday when it developed the expected to finish those developed by the middle of next week that will continue this morning is the viral deal behind the controversy in the east bay and apparent clash between the school band and opposing football team the interaction has parents and students out raged school officials from deer valley high school of his retirement last like to sort out what exactly happened on the football field friday night >>j.r. stone: storm free them at the deer valley high school game this past friday night asked for two specific reasons first the high ban took to filled with a deer valley high school football team was what it up the back continue playing in the tin continued warming up settling with the pittsburgh bed and started the national anthem that
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denied those claims and antioch unified school district issued a joint statement he is now in california week after he was for a response to incite a brothel his attack into a hospital in laws and laws and will continue to recover >>andrew spencer: it is not clear when the photos were taken
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in one of them the former nba start soliciting of the bottle of water and hand and the others he appears to be unconscious it is not clear whether not he is sleeping but will later be taken to hospital after being found unresponsive the employees say the floor was coming out of his mouth and nose he spent a week and various hospitals espn report just last night a helicopter to come from hospitals in las vegas to one in southern california if the former coach's says his condition is improving the coach says the he's been in contact with his estranged wife almost every day the los angeles news multiple sources saying they had
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started physical therapy and is breathing vision and ability to communicate has all approved if sources close this is an arrest to a point where he can continue his recovery in los angeles >>james: a task force have been for the creek the registration process and all could be finalized this of all this season kickoff as private area use comes more widespread and draws become more capable than said they seem more drawn to interfere with firefighters and pilots are crashing those drums into buildings >>james: 1 with a goal of the task force to decide which types of drones are low safety with
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stuff from will be exempt from registration still ahead it was not taxed to call the cause wanted to crash it was a little above the lead to four cars crashing will tell you what happened, and of next.
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>>james: they're trying to make sure everyone has a new chip
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card that is designed to be more secure and hackers are taking advantage of the five and and you are has been received one yet he is all the tabloid magazine in touch with we will table he said the magazine lied about and how land is just round the corner of you're looking for ideas for carl come to san francisco giants are here to help will to wait to get tips of critical your own giants jacqueline we have 11 people injured and the cries of of of four different cars and kansans this happen after teenage driver lost control for vehicle she slammed into another car that cause a domino effect of crashers the teenager was distracted while she was driver she looked down she saw a spider on her lap she panicked lego the steering wheel installer swaddled of the spider the top
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medical association says low mild about called grim pregnancy is guaranteed to be safe this increases the cause of birth defects and development of laser doctors say it is best to completely abstain while you're pregnant bill cosby defaced a loss in d.c. it's a nastily even wall 1 repeater argosy to cover the face will talk about that the fbi investigating claims also were who have the cia members e-mail will have the latest in the investigation as well.
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>>anny hong: a high of 74 went that route to the 3:00 p.m. today the temperatures are
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calling down to the upper 60s texas o'clock this evening fired 50 mi. from our temperatures has you're working from getting out the door this warning 54 in san jose and pleasanton 65 and antioch for the rest of the bay area look metal is an oakland 83 in livermore low 80s in san jose and sunnyvale '70s and half moon bay and 73 hits in daly city is a quick check of the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast one of over the next couple of days discussing small one of the warmer days.
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>>anny hong: summer as a block this morning due to a big rig accident that leslie down as a little bit this morning of the map and a major hot spots a live look at the bay bridge were you see very like traffic condition this morning of those leaving from the east bay heading westbound on interstate 80 the san mateo bridge also looking pretty good here and alleged hot spots that the direction of this morning.
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>>james: those cars will start of the major/letting not tons of a percentage to be removed before launcelot reopen on the grapevine the drain system needs to be cleared out a long stay fit the entire county they're hoping to reopen the highway by thursday at the latest. >>reporter: cia director john brennan secretary of home as security j johnson are just two of the high-profile government officials they're motivated by
4:34 am
paula kent and the desire to shame the government in a statement this senate it was really because the government and killing innocent people the also from israel from killing innocent people according to law-enforcement officials and classified information with axes of the bridges or to their personal accounts they claim to have access brinnin's 47 page application for a security clearance the security continues to be high priority for the united states to come just days after the arrest of a 20 year- old man accused of having a personal affirmation of more than 1300 u.s. military members of the artist he give that
4:35 am
information to isis. >>james: the members come from of his household police arrived he was a cooperative and first with a to the into custody in the men's pairs of transport to hospital for treatment and of that on the trip was not available the suspect was behind bars and connection with the tire slashing spree in san leandro to happen at the park site, this covers a lot we can yes to the police arrested a 35 year-old man in connection with the crime he had not been named publicly yet officials have at
4:36 am
least a mobil says he has family members who lived in an apartment complex search check. >>james: 3 woman has to press for it as the attack in the at a beverly hills mansion yesterday spokesperson says there was insufficient evidence to charge the prince with a felony in return for the prince's the allegations of false and as he has been free of $300,000 bail check to the september 5th star wars fans ogilvy's new a strike last night during monday night football coach and now people are present on tickets short.
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>>reporter: presells began last night after the debut of the final trailer they're stuck to the sellout and light speed the force awakens opens around the world on december 18th multiple sources to the hollywood reporter that the deal with warner brothers for a limited revival of the beloved series
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off automatically in the negotiations are underway for the star showed a total of is when the pope did about as the gramm and the caption the full pretty sure i'm terrified of the children and telling her will today. >>james: mirror and watched the features comedian bill cosby was covered with the picture the was a longtime supporter of the trouble with the mayor was located but over the years he's been accused of sexually assaulting a dozen women the graffiti artist who goes by the names really this is to cover up the mirror to that now will have to look at what he called a sexual predator and of the artist has since restored choice.
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >>anny hong: you can see we have a really nice condition of their clear skies and temperatures fish are called here is a quick check of your day planner for livermore 54 in san jose use a
4:44 am
check of the high today for san francisco and i stay in the city-stopper seven is in some detail low 80s and read what city powell allow little is on the map including sunnyvale santa clara san jose and campbell of the '70s and mountain view and milpitas in the '80s and lost battles on in dallas 79 in morgan hill definition is a t-shirt weather a lot of people today and especially for the inland locations and to lack of to-8283 in concord low 80s and oakland today a nice day for you in the eastern end quite warm for places like an apple and santa rosa such sphere cool down a
4:45 am
little bit especially by monday >>anny hong: the drive time to care about 12 minutes this morning from the altman and dublin and forth like it did that take about 30 minutes we are seeing some slowing and that looks like that maybe slow down the right of the bid but not legislate arms for now and image hot spots in the ride from dublin to fremont each tsk.
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>>james: the developer said the complex is for the kids but many residents in the area since it is a bad plant will make life miserable >>jeff bush: the developers went to bill on how to field presence of the community say they did not add to the baseball complex and they do not one of near their homes for some medical
4:47 am
reasons to generally people do not want any type of change in their neighborhood to the other reason to allow the reasons for some of the sears and some will the problem the people have they done until all the facts at this point. >>james: into a mystical the e-
4:48 am
mail addresses was then sent to you and servers should no word yet on which apps were affected but meantime to run the 56 active cases are banned from downloading. >>james: he is going to serve the rest of its 5% at home for killing his girlfriend in 2013 if the relative said they're happy to have come home from prison as he began to house arrest for some of the sentence if they address the media yesterday and through a spokesperson this what they had to say. >>: >>james: he was acquitted of murder last year prosecutors will have appeal the trial verdict of aqaba of homicides and that was sick a conviction against a south african supreme court hist canada has voted in
4:49 am
the first leader in 10 years liberal leader adjusted will now be the new prime minister says mccann this had to stour hundred and 7 debt or not for majority the secured hundred and 84 of the victory could improve ties with united states still the land of the presidency. >>james: a student at indiana university is arrested after allegedly attacking a muslim woman the muslim woman was sitting at a captain with a nine your daughter was killed and began shouting derogatory phrases and ethnic slurs and her the 19th you're grabbed the woman as lamp ahead and to the table the woman's husband saw what was called on and rushed in to help her out and thus will depend down the student until police arrived he was arrested and now faces six different
4:50 am
charges include a public intoxication and two counts of misdemeanor battery should high- school football coach and was listed as taking a stand he was told to stop praying on the field after games he agreed with little change his mind had a moment of silence for dinner after the school's homecoming this is is is a understand why it will have the issue with his actions but some do. >>james: my eye, a clock tower bigger been and is the bells are silent for the first time in eight years will tell you why the bells are not leaning--
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>>james: asked the famous clock and isabel and side of the elizabeth tower was built in the mid-1800s and to destroy and repair a parliamentary report
4:54 am
said the clock now has chronic problems in his bearing the to make it stop altogether the also concern that the massive and to a fall-off to cut the permission for about four months ended decided not to press in charges against the 14 year-old who happens to be muslim president obama and by him to attend astronomy night at the white house we came face-to- face with the president give them brings massive officials.
4:55 am
>>james: 83 on average to a warm even more tomorrow will hold an ultimate is right for the week for incredible more on that to come as we work our way through this week.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>george: pretty quiet so far not tracking in the hot spots will take a look at the bridge is ahead >>james: as we had outside and check the forecast a positive bay bridge approach camera nice and clear most of clear or on the bay area this morning will keep sunny right in the afternoon as a result temperatures are going to be on the warm side. >>james: agreed to the upside before for cash coming up in 50 minutes >>george: down the center for
5:00 am
fast-track uses no problems or delays and 11 minute trip times the right out of the east bay on 92 the second business corridor also looks good right now again within a government drive time. >>darya: at 5:00 happening right now alleged health alert all of the south bank officials are linking two dozen cases of shigella which a former food poisoning to a restaurant in san jose and one died as the infection rate at moriscos signed one restaurant really everyone who gets it was hospitalized and 11 people are in intensive care system typically include diarrhea and abdominal pain and fever it can spread in to the was prepared by someone who is sick or by direct contact with someone else who's infected the restaurant is
5:01 am
closed this morning so. >>will tran: he should about 50 minutes ago he said to still one this morning of course it did anything about us we all know that the san ramon area near in san ramon had is an earthquake country over the past week snelling is really afraid but we have not seen any damage at all many people each day are reminded to of the earthquake kit ready to go its.
5:02 am
>>will tran: so far at the very least there smiling that is with the continued to smile. >>mark: that is on our web site download the web application and on the web application is as an overlay the comfort of the maps and used to earthquakes and the popple from usgs this history officers are investigating a
5:03 am
deadly collision on how we won 01 in san francisco to happen on the southbound side of 101 just south of the third street off ramp the call came in just for the last nine deceased reconfirmed as someone died after midnight their two vehicles in this crash know the details right now will continue to abate the story and bring you more information test. >>darya: so this happened of around six started last night and 20 third avenue at the overpass lanes in both directions of the frontier would temporarily closed if it was a rush hour commute the traffic was backed up for miles two people hospitalized with minor injuries first tests he tried to
5:04 am
get them into his van but they ran away the girl described him as a latino man and his late 20s with dark hair as a very vague description he would driver on the green of the minivan a man with a similar description attempted to lure two girls into a van cash last month. >>: do whatever it takes to ensure that your not stuffed into some characters car and driven off into the sunset because that is when the real man him curse.
5:05 am
>>darya: a number of attempted kidnappings in the bay area has been on the arise encourages kids always walk to school in groups >>mark: 20 came at the window was smashed in his backpack was gone steadily gun inside san francisco police are handling the investigation was politically for cheese of officers and department store their weapons. >>: if the have the for some reason put them in the car for a brief period of time there be secured in the trunk or in a lock box that is inside the car and nominal circumstances of it what to leave the arms and cars overnight shift.
5:06 am
>>mark: apple when police tried to arrest the 27 year-old mr. benitez had posted a town hall meeting is set to discuss the investigation he resisted arrest and manage to get a hold an officer's gun and then appointed at the office and it was another also opened fire police said he had no criminal record and no history of mental illness >>darya: jeb bush is visiting the bay area for two fund- raisers a signal to the video for his visit to san francisco back in july the event will be in san francisco and will decide at the homes of two investors tickets to get in $2,700.10000
5:07 am
dollars donation will get you a co-host status and access to a floor reception to $27,000 donation gets you a ticket to a future debate on the democratic side president attended web by continued his run as an independent oilman in an announcement today saying he is considering making the switch just a former virginia senator blaster come in the debate city denied enough time to speak his to lose focus mostly on hillary clinton and bernie sanders is shows that he has just 2 percent support. >>mark: to the nfl announcing yesterday he is going to host a public hearing next thursday it for at the paramount theatre in oakland the here and starts a seven and even in the last about three hours they can ask questions and express their opinions to nfl executives if
5:08 am
the raiders as a loose rims and settle charges of a consider locating to allay the soon as next year and owners are expected to vote on which team could move early next year we're at the breaking news desk with the latest on him tussore now hearing from a teacher's aide all stopped the kidnapping in antioch last week showed what she says happened and they're making major progress tear in the vehicle that was trained in modern after flash flooding in southern california will still have a ways to go have the latest on the cleanup.
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>>mark: his incredible scene from last week transferred this official said it still needs to be clear on state route 58 and tons of money to be removed before all lanes reopen the hope to have high we fully open by thursday meantime a new round of french cause a minor flooding in downtown los angeles nor fortune in the is a major traffic problems hist
5:13 am
>>james: allow low to mid '50's right now with 53 in oakland 55 the son was a top 57 in san francisco dish the wide view shows high pressure it is not a lot of activity even in southern california will get a break from the rain that they had called the mudslide hyper shall keep things on the warm side to let a little warmer than yesterday your results forecast for the inland is they will look for low 80s across the delta in fact
5:14 am
brought the entire valley area we have concord 8384 law creek down to the san ramon valley low 80s to you the livermore valley 83 that the we're expecting a general for some of the warm areas today tsk. >>james: the dominant with a feature for east lead week will start to cool off gradually into thursday will have more on the 74 cast as the tech look at the upcoming weekend as well as the weather for now. >>george: seth highway 24 looks good was the bomb so the southbound interstate 680 leading out of confidence on wall the creek that a derided as a is a dense with a 15 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley taunted university
5:15 am
avenue san ramon valley 16 minutes south about about as heavy as a livermore start a little more in was to double the loss could no delays or problems their score call you at 25 minutes is the baseline status and non commute drive time from 238 down to 37 will likely see that double today here in the south of a tracking drug break conditions would green sold on all the road race centers and what little back and we did have earlier at the bay bridge is gone now was down this will change and about 50 to 20 minutes for what you're ride out of the east bay on 92 looks good still in 11 minute trip time your east bay ride for the richmond bridge was about interstate 580 adjutancy like traffic at the toll plaza the backups or delays in 1 01 south from the golden gate bridge looks great is configured to bridge for the morning commute with four lanes in the southbound direction tsk
5:16 am
>>darya: he has been transferred to a hospital a lost angeles a week after he was from a unresponsive and in nevada brothel this comes as news follows a not come out showing him in the brothel. >>anny hong: they show him inside the low rent motel stand brothel just outside las vegas has not clear when they were taken but take a look at one of the fall of you could see the former nba star sitting with a bottle water in his hand and others he appears to be unconscious or sleeping the all the love wrenched this same the former nba star for having them
5:17 am
for speaking out about clients he was from unresponsive on october 13th is a to begin various hospitals said and down the reporting that lasts at the helicopter took him from the hospital a loss biggest his breathing vision and ability to communicate all improve quite a bit this says that he has progress to the point where he continue his recovery and lost angeles. >>mark: they're repairing a massive sinkhole that of the opinion city last week the single glass when said there
5:18 am
out a broader middle school our new haven street in the area where men close as all the repairs are done if they hope to finish work by the middle of next week. >>darya: of images for worker arrested and 11 drawings from a stranger's car she always see the same little girl but on friday morning she says something seemed wrong she listened to her good as she circled back to check along girl who was in the car with a stranger >>darya: that man was 51 to guide the salazar now he faces kidnapping charges support for
5:19 am
santa come in all of our country there is and when to give her a vacation has will officials from the valley high in antioch their repressed and spit on by deer valley players during the pregame performance in the video you can see the players rushing toward the band during the national anthem they're denying those claims saying it was a misunderstanding >>darya: the proposal of a
5:20 am
complex and it is the vital community has residents of san the developers of the conference is for the kids the people in the area say it is a bad plan and is one to make their lives miserable it is clear the residence for fill this with the developer says it is not going to be that bad.
5:21 am
>>darya: the already gather about a thousand signatures on change there are a lot of things that have to have been before this project listed the planning commission the impact report has to be completed as onset another six months the movie trailer the star wars fans are very excited about the tech look at the new trailer that was just released into a high you can get in the spirit hair in the bay area
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trailer of star wars.... thrif >>mark: they're all trees cell so many people are buying tickets to the internet crashed.
5:26 am
such >>darya: california makers are heading down under for some advice on handling of the historic drought how australia could help us prepare for the future climate change >>jackie sissel: it is close of the dozens of food poisoning what they will the department of health is saying coming up in a live report.
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>>james: you mentioned in the last segment that we were shopping his life saver you do not have to sharpen a lifesaver the theater nearby union college and will love to men as before the rest were finally to life
5:30 am
for sun and center halfway back the theater has recliners and pick sphene >>james: back and enjoy some core like weather in october will see a lot of '80s is alive you outside nice and clear that some still bristles a glimpse settles is to get up to but it is a lot of the equally warm in the east bay and the south bay
5:31 am
>>george: 12 alert to the viewer to the new carpool lane on interstate 880 southbound starting at hey converter running down to marina basically what they've done is extend the car for land farther north it used to begin at marin and now begins at hagen burger wrote in the southbound direction and thus take a look at the bridges here at the bay bridge as you can see where stop and tobacco ride to the 880 of a crossing for the san mateo bridge and the
5:32 am
right out of the east bay we still look good the volume is building but has not had an impact on the drive times for the east bay writer heading over to marin just to keep minute trip time >>mark: shigella is a restaurant in san jose. >>jackie sissel: nicosia the close sign is also the apartments of also put her clothes sign of this will be closed indefinitely as a continue to investigate exactly what led up to the bacteria infection nasa and dozens of hospitals if this data on friday and saturday night according to the department of health the same the is of people it here on sunday morning and started to get reports off of people
5:33 am
showing up at the hospital reported in of fever anderson did diarrhea if ultimately they discover that more than two dozen people showed up in most of those people had tested for positive for chagall a very infectious bacteria they ended up and the i see you department now obviously that is a very severe cases and the department of health has closed down morisco san juan on the corner of fourth and st. james and definitely the bacteria is very infectious and hourly was passed on by a food handler says obviously. >>jackie sissel: they wanted to the bottom of this 11 people and i see you the department of passion plays down as they continue to investigate.
5:34 am
>>darya: large force of the bay. to feel the effects of a magnitude 3.5 earthquake is a guest to the afternoon as far away as the level the senate approval said they felt the recent storm of quicks is raising concern from people living around their although they may sound alarming in the swamp the typically in that area is typical you can expect some
5:35 am
>>mark: we learned the identity of the man who was killed and a car crash and sent a crew was over the weekend the 19 year-old died in the crash and a 20 your remains in critical condition this happen for a 37 at the car crustal guard rail and what into the water the car was speeding before madison turned to a parking spot and crashed to the realm into the water. >>darya: police say he was not invited to the event in the party stopped before he got away 64 hospitalize all of them expected to recover no word on the most water along to moslem
5:36 am
newport beach in southern california back opened after hammerhead shark was spotted. >>darya: it was not acting of course of the waters will close from mylan each direction because a lot of precautions >>mark: their visiting australia is calif.-digit up the fourth year of drought and endured a tour of your job from 1997 to
5:37 am
2009 this is california to learn about how to adapt to what could be more frequent extreme weather to do to climate change following just the wrong corner if you're looking for ideas to the sentence as the giants would like to help you
5:38 am
5:39 am
>>george: if you're heading out this morning you have a new and experienced an extension of the existing they used to the and marina boulevard now begins at
5:40 am
hagen burrowed for the a ride southbound there along to some big changes red hot as the switch is on to the chat this credit card and then to get advantage not everyone has received the new card yet which is leaving a window for stammers that are sending out sticky milton to the credit-card issuance of the cave of their account and send personal affirmation that can use the information still consumes identity but also to give us a recipe with the click the link in order to get the of credit- card where talk about warmer temperatures once again high-
5:41 am
pressure keeping the clouds away with the utmost to clear conditions
5:42 am
mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mmmm woo!
5:43 am
mmm! milk, fruit, cultures mmmm, yoplait >>darya: and to a roadside
5:44 am
argument in-camera video was is your friend we have a first look at the video and tell you about the punishment that the backup quarterback to face
5:45 am
>>james: 53 it out and pleasanton could be pretty chilly the panel were you are high pressure ridge talking about keeping all the clouds and most of them will see some profit will soar around this afternoon no extent to cloud cover and nice chance to really want us up temperatures during the 9:00 hour widespread '60s with the 76 of ride no time in three this afternoon the speckle to the '80s is an insult and balances errors in orange the numbers will look like this 82- 83 in the east and now is 8485 and are to bay 80 to 85 and the sock that none that the current
5:46 am
forecast along the bay shoreline in is for temperatures will go in the near future tomorrow warmer up a little bit and then will level and out of their mild unseasonably warm forecast for the next seven days >>george: still a pretty quiet ride we're not tracking any hot spots for the trip from the bay not unusual delays or backups looking first at the eastern bank 680 southbound just 14 minutes trip turned out concord down to walnut creek but nimitz northbound ride looks good and 14 minutes from san leandro and to oakland the dublin great traffic was great for the westbound ride toward castro valley on interstate 580 in the trip to the slow grade this problem free at 21 minutes from dublin down to fremont >>george: the leading lessor
5:47 am
actors now they're backing up and not across all of the lanes the drive times are running at about 16 minutes currently for your trip to the san mateo bridge and the east bay writer problem free and still just 11 minutes same is true for the east bay writer living over toward san rafael a back of into the castle is on the right-hand side to only two were opened up to 6:00 >>darya: it happen over we can police said the driver and gathered his estranged wife and his three small children to the spd and purposely drove it into a lake it had an embankment and rolled into the water just after midnight sunday they say the
5:48 am
case is being investigated as a murder-suicide. it is a first-time teen years the country has a new leader. >>mark: longest serving western leaders he will be stepping down its improved ties with the was for the remainder of the ball must turn it is the son of late prime minister full held the office from 1968 to 1984/ >>james: held serve the remainder of the five-year sentence at home >>mark: he was convicted of killing his girlfriend in 2013 the religious say they're happy to have hone >>darya: big ben, go silent for the first time in eight years
5:49 am
the clock hands and the bill as well the parliamentary report said that the clock has chronic problems with its bearings the convicted stop this is a hallmark is also concern the massive hands could fall off the repair work could present a commission for about four months >>mark: live from their cars have been analyzed their rest of the five your man in connection he has not been identified no word on a model they say he has family members who lived in the apartment complex.
5:50 am
>>darya: 10 the strike authorization started this is a reporter live it runs through october 28th the union represents about 25,000 professors' lectures librarians counselors and coaches one of 5 percent salary increase along to supply seven that come to city college of san francisco the plan to shrink classism programs by 26 percent to significantly reduce five timbers. >>mark: he said he was headed to rehab he saw the dismissal lawsuit in l.a. superior court seeking more than a million dollars in damages was his lawyer said is false that
5:51 am
published a story in late september and said he was stricken heavily was later role at the end of his marriage the law also says he ask the store to be retracted would never receive the response >>darya: the group who got cold feet is speaking out declined to comment on why he backed out of the wedding of his did say he was glad that the focus turns to the generosity of his former ride trammeling there were said to be married on saturday and she found out on monday that the wedding was not going to happen with our have a $35,000 deposit on the recession that would nonrefundable for family contacted trinity you're provided 90 homeless people to go to the reception the bride
5:52 am
and her mom left, honeymoon with to nonrefundable able to release that scientists say they found the fossil like for some life existed for >>mark: 0.1 billion years ago this change the re-signed to store it was like soon after if formed it is a reason to fear rising like itself is more plentiful struck the universe >>mark: will be a fifth is right
5:53 am
now for the most are bay area temperatures start to warm up today
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>james: is getting a a little bit warmer at 80 the expected high with upper 60s to los have is for the peninsula and an architect look were looking for warm day with 81 to maybe even 8586 to greece is going to be unseasonably warm across a wide country as a will be across the rest of the bay area >>darya: that going to have a limited revival of the deal more girls your original series you
5:56 am
to watch right now >>mark: and confined alone the senses will logo and the booster designed in a forced to pump funds are really the right color. for the second time in months to amend tries to lure tenants tear to his plan where it happened and what they can do to protect themselves.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: nothing heavy out there used to be fined as you make your way along the roadway will be tracked in that for your here was ready for school forecastles break down the day before you head out the door in the clock was will start generally conditions that will be cloudy and spot a clear and others looking for temperatures the main thing we want to focus on
6:01 am
tsk >>george: that is already a 21 minute trip time to the westbound ride from west about 580 and highway 24
6:02 am
>>darya: happening right now a major health alert out of the south bay officials are linking two dozen cases of food poisoning to our restaurant in san jose. >>jackie sissel: the department of health as also propose signed a moriscos san juan on the corner of st. james it will remain closed indefinitely as the investigate exactly what led up to these cases of food poisoning and to a dollar of their infant diseases and dozens of people to the hospital it all started on sunday when the county department of health was notified by a hospital five patients will come in complaining of high fevers and extreme diarrhea had all began at the same restaurant shortly after that they discovered there
6:03 am
will more than two dozen people that also has similar symptoms and what also at the hospital after during tests they determined that most of those people had come down with sinn dollars. >>jackie sissel: of very infectious bacteria those cases were so bad that 11 of those patients actually ended up and i see you sense than the they have been closed by the department of health they said at the very infectious disease bacteria in there are saying that, it could be passed on and not only aforehand laws effective but person to person that will all be part of the investigation this is the eight here on friday or saturday should monitor your medical situation very closely to obviously this is a breaking news story as we get more
6:04 am
information on the parliament will pass along. >>mark: nearly 50 quick still throbbed the day yesterday, since 1970's some of these have lasted couple of months
6:05 am
>>darya: they are investigating a deadly crash in san francisco to happen on the southbound side of 101 to stock of the third street the call came in around 11:00 last iciest the office of confirmed that the crash was deadly one guy to after midnight to officers were involved the we have no other details at this
6:06 am
hour will continue to give you more details as we learned some. >>mark: latest incident happened sunday night near college avenue this a three girls were approached by a man and try to get the mess was van but they ran away the girls described the man as a latino and is with dark hair he was driving a dark green or blue minivan they say a man with a summary description for attempted to lure two girls of his last month you do whatever it takes to ensure your the stuff to some characters car and driven off into the sunset is a does when the real mayhem occurs in the last month the number of attempted kidnappings in the bay area has been rising encourages them to always walk to school and groups.
6:07 am
>>darya: we're after breaking news desk looked. >>anny hong: he's inside of the brockville just outside los vegas take a look and the fall of one of them the former nba star city of the bottled water and his hand and and others he appears to be unconscious or maybe he is wasting is not clear this the owner said the former nba star had adds all the workers to sign confidentiality agreements during his visit he said no one is ever ask for such agreement in the conference had a policy exists for the customers hist one of the former
6:08 am
coaches said his condition is improving the deadly nils multiples the system started physical therapy and that his breathing vision and ability to communicate has all improved hide-a-bed he continues his recovery in los angeles >>mark: allow the person who stole the gun from a car of an
6:09 am
off-duty chp officer over the weekend the car was part of the corner of eighth and howard street he says he left his car for 20 minutes when it came back the window was smashed in his backpack with a is loaded gun inside was gone the police are now handling this investigation we spoke to police about how officers and his department store their weapons.
6:10 am
>>darya: this morning there turned from low-cost parts of a chain-link fence and the debris happening now is the parent to the massing called upon to union city and of the blast wasn't
6:11 am
their outer limits will part of new haven street in the area remain closed the two pairs of finally completed the hope to since the work by the middle of next week the nation will soon find it a chance to voice their opinion about the taste of such a move to los angeles. >>mark: back and ask questions and expect their opinions the season-ticket holder to the first chance to get the tickets for the hearing begins at 8:00 this morning the raiders sale was rams and san diego chargers the ball the consider relocating to los angeles as soon as next year if the owners are expected to vote on which teams will be moving early next year even just one set of can affect your baby and oprah expanding her
6:12 am
fortune allow her waist is going the opposite direction the amazing amount of money she made from what was just an antioch teacher's aide steps in and stops the kidnapping this morning we get to hear from her on how she didn't. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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6:15 am
>>james: how most of the bay area wikiup to crystal clear conditions to the problem we see the stars outside in the next five to 10 minutes less take a look at the forecast for today beginning with temperatures san francisco 58 the warm spot on this list most of his in the low to mid '50's like open at 54 and 55 for san jose 56 a, five in the the more you get the idea low fifties in santa rosa for at the fifth degree market was what we see in terms of the entire picture we have said loretta perspective and we don't see a
6:16 am
lot of clouds and rain high- pressure keepings forced afternoon as a result we get plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. >>james: of the seven is a very low it is for the bay shoreline oakland come in that is 70 in san mateo 74 sentences on the peninsula coastline will be in the upper 60s to very low 70's today's game is warmer than yesterday's tomorrows will be warmer than today because will read the temperature just a little bit is one to pull back to us will bring the come to down slightly past goalkeeper unseasonably warm in fact doleful more like june than it does october at least for the rest of the seven it. .
6:17 am
>>george: as a currency is on dialysis rode high with 84 westbound right by the power plant and is backing up traffic through the pageant has you might be better off this morning stang of 580 in 684 your risk to the small grid for your route to the labor is the approach will be a slow on the backed up now through the macarthur maze is very quickly back to the rival bidding was to san francisco for a trip out of hand or this morning stuff still looks pretty good and surprisingly slow for the ride
6:18 am
on 92 westbound as we are not yet tracking any back of the will be in about the next 15 minutes or some cash for you're ride out of the east bay on the richmond bridge still no backups are just an eight to 10 minutes of time ferrite to and from our accounting looks good here task at the golden gate bridge. thi >>mark: transportation said dryness system still needs to be clear on state route 58 into the money to be removed before collins' the open sky hope to have high when fully reopened by thursday the new round of french cause minor floodings in downtown los angeles the reports of injuries or more problems on the grid by because of this. 66 >>darya: an elementary school
6:19 am
were rescued and 11 your girl from stranger's car secession texas and drive down g streets every morning and she always sees the same letter on friday morning she said something still different she circled back the checks on alert from the girl was in the car with a stranger he is now facing kidnapping charges and support the teacher is coming in from all over country. >>mark: the football player involved in a domestic abuse case this time the quarterback he could face and the punishment and inherent in
6:20 am
having the conversion of what happened to stick a lesson in the report noted the on a visible injury it was a deep scratch on her left forearm which is consistent with the story that he grabbed the to
6:21 am
keeper for try to jump out of the car that is recall the witness to call police they're not investigating >>darya: a day after the court took a 10% stake in weight watchers she is now $70 million richer with just a word that oprah is taking a stake in the company that caused the stock to more than doubled to 1392 share she was amass a winner in the wind and spike the jump is a clear sign that she still carries a big piece of mind was investors and consumers people trust and whenever she touched will turned to gold fact she is not the biggest winner half of the company's stock is owned by private investment firm are to >>mark: they lost millions of users with a free trial ended the streaming service still has six and half million paying
6:22 am
users that is down from 11 million trial users to sign with the service was launched the trial. and last september the number suggested or not the to the music streaming servers apple is banning hundreds of applicants have learned their collecting personal data the analytic service called source of dna made the discovery this is software biunique gather data about the people who download the application into the miller justice hall set to use the servers no word on which ones were affected to a larger 56 applications are now banned from being downloaded
6:23 am
>>darya: fifth let's take a look and another single drop of alcohol while pregnant stuff if you are pregnant not even a drop is and report to the top medical association the american medical association said no amount of our grain pregnancy is guaranteed to be safe even light drinking increases the odds of birth defects and development delays pick
6:24 am
>>mark: the new star wars trailer is released the script since everyone is still only thing people are talking about the fans at the office today will show you everything coming up. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love.
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says >>mark: government will be acting their accounts that would notify users if they believe it has been targeted are compromised also working for the government they can able to factor of cases under lock and approvals this is the only issue the warning would have strong evidence no reaction from the government on facebook announcement >>darya: go crazy for disney theme party in this little girl all have something different she is from arkansas and she is obsessed with cbs she had a cbs birth their party--cvs.
6:27 am
>>darya: all the decorations with the pharmacy letters and of course you have the have the katie and the back even further than this local store posted a birthday message for her >>james: your latest weather
6:28 am
forecast here is a look at how it is unseasonably warm liverwort 83 degrees this really does not to like october will have a full look at the forecast for today. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
6:29 am
>>mark: welcome back of the opening bell on wall street concerns of the chinese to come slow down down to nine points of the opening bell test >>james: we are seeing a little
6:30 am
befall not much just a little bent hers in power we need a chapter heading of the door temperatures and a constant expected to be in the mid to upper fifties by 3:00 this afternoon will have to pick temperatures that will be wrapped around 83 degrees for the inland valley schools by the bank of persistence to very low some is along the coastline as well
6:31 am
>>george: looking at some slow traffic for the westbound ride of the bridges we're not talking any hot spots put the bay bridge the are however that the to the macarthur maze and the drive time are running at about 22 to 2 to 3 minutes to san mateo bridge ride ride on to start to slow down and 630 does the drive times just to 1921 minutes out of hey were for san sale in the westbound ride out of the east bay from a run counted just beginning to back up the drive times slow declines from 12 to 14 minutes. >>mark: given 42 of them in just the last 44 hours over hunted for the last week just to this morning as well they're drawn us who live of a lot of residence
6:32 am
>>will tran: they have in yesterday's the happen pretty close to each other with a 194 it's a visit to the producer to get a hold to tell us we have the quick they're so small that a lease with a shake it off in san ramon to show you with the usgs is doing obviously it is their job to track all of these earthquakes over the past week in this happens quite frequently it is almost like a once every hour and is not uncommon for this area for a lot of people
6:33 am
they felt there but not so badly with they're fearful at this point >>: out of the 200 i think i've only felt one half >>: should have liked it together but i do not >>will tran: they're saying is happening but they're not giving of the concrete reason why this happened so frequently in such a small amount of time we're in san ramon will get a reaction and believe me if there is another of credit to which it
6:34 am
isn't a producer to tell them >>mark: therefore into mostar with all the ones we are seeing in the area of was also urged clinton in the big cereal have a special section with interactive maps and tips to keep you in your family safe the weather on vacation free download that is a free download will have an overlay where you can have earthquakes to show on the map for him >>darya: off the developer said the complex is for children of people in the area say if it is a bad plan and make their lives miserable they gather less like to talk to city officials about this new proposed complex the residents said they did after baseball complex and they say is
6:35 am
what to cause noise and traffic the new complex along with 800 parking spots will be built near the wetlands and the residents do not like that the reason the have all that open space in the area is because a wildlife the quarter for dear tired about cats the residents did not one of the developer says is my point to be that bad the gap of about a thousand signatures on >>mark: the band members say they were pushed and spent on by the players during the pregame performance in to see the video with the rushing to their performance the national anthem is the nine the same saying it was a misunderstanding to school edition releasing the joint
6:36 am
statement saying in part will never condone sport for poor sportsmanship both can show great sportsmanship during and after the game and no other incidents occurred. >>darya: they're arrested a man who tried to steal $300,000 from a home in pacific heights neighborhood for real estate agent call the police on sunday >>darya: claiming that they were just items that belonged to him they're arrested him and they found the stolen items this video from a visit to san
6:37 am
francisco back in july as today's events will be held in san francisco at home to investors there's a $10,000 donation that it's the call status and access to a floor reception a new cnn poll showed donald trump and the car since then allow the top of the republican field to the lost 11 points on last month from second place the debate now she's in seventh the gender re-emerge in the day last month the mass and strength with support among women he might continue his run
6:38 am
at a and a panoramic announcement saying it's considering making the switch the complain during last week's democratic debate that he was i given enough time he claimed the debate was most the focus on health records and bernie sanders to cbs last a poll shows he has to percent support >>darya: scams are taken advantage of the fact not and will has received the credit cards to secure chin this technology will you should be looking out for.
6:39 am
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>>darya: and during the pre-game show you have seen who leapt on the sly and
6:46 am
>>mark: will have more on that and the next hour >>james: today as when to be warm tomorrow even warmer as the sector midweek a live look outside will have a precursor condition of the airport and to see the stars of the blow with a thin layer of hey is right there on the surface of the minor fault for some to the senate will get at the moment nothing slow down operations at sfo temperatures mild with 58¢ vs. the that of all the warmer temperatures most everyone else ultimate '50s with oakland 56 and was set at 55 the fall quickly find out really are a sitcom peninsula with half moon bay a 3 mi. visibility and up
6:47 am
and an apologist and the two mile visibility for napa and then again all we're saying the clouds and a victim for is not even a factor this afternoon >>james: the inland valleys of all directions will warmer to low mid '80s that is the wanted to see in every direction in number for it look like 82 to 85 degrees for the east of talent 80 to 84 let's say in the south of a status for 85 and south of san francisco this afternoon with 80 across the bay and oakland to to continue to warm to wednesday the high pressure will back off just a touch not much to call off to the couple degrees from thurston and maintain ultimate '80s for the rest of the work which into the weekend,
6:48 am
>>george: to thudded down to 37 san leandro milpitas' report of the accident on the approach to the dumbarton bridge on the westbound side of highway 84 but is all the traffic lane not backing things up too badly we've added eight minutes here to track time for the ride southbound on highway 889 but we're like to see this drive times by another 10 to 12 minutes we started to slow ride at 630 and now we are continuing to track increases in the drive times 22 to 24 minutes out of hayward the east bay ride into iran is already back of beyond the richmond park went 18
6:49 am
minutes into san rafael the north and southbound ride 4101 cameron county that would be here at the golden gate bridge the traffic here is still moving well that we are picking up some delays on the boss of the central san a sale on 101 southbound. >>darya: they're looking for some tips from down under and deal with extreme drought the nine days california visits and finishes the fourth year of this drought visits to australia the democratic senate cavan de leon of los angeles say california can learn how to adapt to what could be more frequent extreme weather to climate change 11 lawmakers from both political parties are on this trip to australia the trip is organized and paid for by the california foundation and the environment and economy
6:50 am
>>darya: from the union representing 25,000 cows they professors' lectures counselors and coaches on one at a 5 percent salary increase along to place seventh pain job based on years of service and drastic cuts are coming to us to the college's the plan to shrink
6:51 am
classism programs these changes come as they try to increase enrollment hundreds of faculty members are planning to picket later this morning >>mark: it was covered with a picture of north korean leader he was a longtime supporter of the chili bowl with the mayor was located off over the years he's been accused of sexual assault by 50 women the graffiti artist sissy coveted up and no one would have to look at what he calls a sexual predator he has since restored in back to its and rich dimero. >>darya: going to a massive changes and again those should they scarts and scams are taking advantage october 4th to the deadline for banks to some of the new credit and debit cards
6:52 am
>>mark: after oprah and now she was buying a 10% stake for $40 million it was last $6.70 days since one of the up yesterday it is as $17.52 on the 25% and is almost tripled in a day we will
6:53 am
be right back.
6:54 am
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>>mark: is doubled in size with his and the center and rice crops around the side of his calling of the biggest innovation of the iconic this is a brand that have the cups peanut butter cups this begged it's a pounder they're giving
6:57 am
you a chance to support your team and they're posing stenciled designs for giants there on the team's web site yet to see the giants low the san francisco global and the booster designed purely up for challenge the will to a website in and out >>darya: is health alert and more than a dozen people nafud poison will show you where and what happened unhedged it was the shot heard around the world the monday night football game happened right before they made such a splash you send fans will
6:58 am
wiretap to there's another way to show your spirit if it get rid of it if your team loses watching weather and traffic this morning as he jumped and to traffic as the approach to the brave the bay bridge looks pretty jammed up
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
7:00 am
>>james: this is the beautiful looking shot from the cameras ride along the embarcadero and san francisco so this the bay bridge to bring in clear skies above the steadily since brighter and brighter as be closer and closer to summarize as to get ready for school this morning where the plant to purchase of the beginning of school from endicott still being in the upper 50s for most but the relocation most unclear by noontime car to warm mid-70s and low 70's by the backed by 3:00 in the afternoon when at the maximum temperatures just the school is letting out whether this 83 degrees on average and land with ms. savage to make some of the service along the shoreline they're fairly warmer the we are the for the time of the year for this past and the mark in october with to talk a lot 80 degree weather


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